Apple iPod Shuffle, Nano, Touch, Classic

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Daftar Harga Apple iPod Shuffle, Nano, Classic Baru dan Bekas (Second). iPod is a brand of digital media player series of devices designed and sold by Apple Computer. Most of the variants of the iPod provides a simple user interface using the design in the form of wheel.

Apple iPod

Harga Apple iPod Shuffle, Nano, Classic

Type New Price (Rp)
Second Price (Rp)
iPod Shuffle 2GB 599.000
iPod Nano 8GB 1.799.000
iPod Nano 16GB 2.099.000
iPod Touch 4G 8 GB 2.250.000
iPod Touch 4G 32 GB 3.075.000
iPod Touch 4G 62 GB 3.850.000
iPod Classic 160 GB 3.500.000

Note : Harga HP Apple / The Handphone price here is the average price from many different stores and can be a little different from the actual price on the dealer or the seller depend on some factors.

Information Summary

One of the MP3 Player product that has good features and the most interesting design is the iPod Touch. Not because the audio quality or features, but more for its innovation in operation. There are elements of ‘wow’ which inevitably makes people so fascinated.

iPod classic stores its data on a hard drive, while other models use flash memory. As with most devices other music players, iPods can be used as an external hard drive when connected to a computer.

Until October 2004, the iPod dominates the music player device sales in the United States, with the market reaching 92% of the hard drive and more than 65% of the market other types. iPods have been sold rapidly, exceeding ten million units in the last three years. The device has a huge cultural impact on society compared to when was first launched.